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Testimonial 1

     As first time parents, dropping your baby off at daycare for the first time is both terrifying and heart-breaking.  LFOJ is so warm and welcoming, it took less than a week for us to fall into a routine, and not think twice about leaving our son with his second family.  Our little guy is now 15 months old and he looks forward to going to play with his friends and teachers.  As parents, it’s a wonderful thing to have no worries when you leave your child with people you know you can trust.   Anonymous, 06/2013

     I greatly appreciate the great care my children receive at LFOJ.  My 3 year old has been attending LFOJ since he was 6 weeks old and now my 7 week old is going as well.  I knew I wanted my children to attend LFOJ because of the Christian background.  I receive praise from many people on the manners my 3 year old has and I can honestly say that LFOJ has helped to instill that in him.  The nutrition, exercise, and education that he receives at LFOJ is a benefit to any child.  The teachers work well with the kids in helping through the years whether potty training or learning their numbers, and now this fall he will be able to start pre-school classes in the same building.  Most days my son doesn’t want to leave daycare thanks to the extra activities and outside time they get on a daily basis.  Thank you LFOJ for letting me not worry about my boys for a at least a few hours a day.   Lisa Guski, 07/08/2013


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