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Little Friends of Jesus
Volume 3 January 2021

Tid-bits from Administration

Monthly Payment Winner
December’s “Payment Winner” is the Mika family. Congratulations! Payments are due the Friday prior to the billing week by 9:00
a.m. Parents that pay on time will be placed in a drawing. Names
are drawn monthly, and the winner receives a $10 credit on their bill.
Many Thanks!
From all the staff at the center, thank you for your thoughtfulness
at Christmas with your gifts, whether individual or for the center.
Thank you for your support through watching the Virtual LFOJ
Christmas program and for supplying so many amazing treats. Thank
you Pastor William for officiating and setting up the recording/
streaming, Ms. Taylor for organizing and directing her first Christmas program, and to the LFOJ staff for their hard work preparing for
the event.
Tax Statements
Tax statements for child care expenses for 2020 will be prepared
and distributed to parents by the middle of January, 2021. Please
remember that LFOJ can’t itemize tax statements per child with the
accounting program we use. If this is something your accountant
requires from you,, please start saving your 2021 invoices for your
2021 taxes. Sorry for the inconvenience.
All tax statements will be emailed to the email that we have on
file for you. If you have any questions regarding your statements,
please contact me at the church office, 715-682-6075.
New year and new changes. The LFOJ board has voted toward
the center implementing Kangerootime at the center. Each room will
have a tablet to be able to communicate with the parents daily. Parents will sign their child in and out using their phones. All reports
and forms will be sent to parents via this program.
We are looking forward to implementing this program. Administration will be here to help everyone setup and understand this new
program. More program information coming soon.
We wish all of our families a new year filled with blessings.
Thank you all for choosing Little Friends of Jesus to be your child’s
home away from home.
God Bless,

Totville News

Happy New Year from the Infant/
Toddler room!
I’m so happy we all made it
through 2020 healthy and safe, let’s
hope 2021 goes easy on us.
With the new year, we will be reading
about creation. We will also be talking
about snow, snow animals, and all
things winter.
As always, we will be doing a lot
of projects and will most likely get
messy. So please remember to keep extra clothes stocked in your child’s cubbies.
Please make sure to have proper
winter clothes everyday, we try to get
out as much as possible.
We are going to make this the best year
Happy 2021!
-Ms. Nikki

Learner Lane

Happy New Year!
I pray that 2021 will be everyone’s best year yet.
Continue to have faith in God, nothing but good
things coming to us all.
This month we will be exploring hibernation, artic
animals, snow owls, and winter sports. Our Jesus
stories this month will be, “Shepherd’s visit”,
“Simeon and Anna Meet Baby Jesus, “The Bright
Star and Three Visitors”, and “An Angry King”.
Please remember to continue to bring snow pants,
boots, hats, and gloves. Along with our outdoor
clothes, extra clothes in cubbies are super helpful in
case of accidents.
Have a great January and a new year!
God Bless,
Ms. Taylor

School-Age Scoop

Happy New Year to our school age families!
I have no idea what this month will bring but
hopefully we can keep our kids in school. No
matter what happens, we will continue to be
prepared to have the kiddos join us back to
This month we will be celebrating one birthday. Happy Birthday Emily S. We all hope
you have an amazing birthday and this will be
your best year yet.
If you have any questions or concerns please
don’t hesitate to contact me.
God Bless,
Ms. Taylor